Saturday Night Movies

30 03 2008

I’ve just finished watching 30 Days of Night and Planet Terror. 30 DoN is OK, decent scrip let down by emotionless performance by Josh Hartnett, but I really feel the need to rant for a while about Planet Terror.

I really can’t remember a watching a film where I’ve laughed quite so much. Robert Rodriguez’s contribution to the Grindhouse projet stands our as the best piece of parody cinema in a long, long time. With his tongue firmly lodged in his cheek, Rodriguez has built a film that both pays excellent homage to Troma era movies, whilst at the same time pointing an accusing finger at their trademark trash.

It’s not only the comedy elments that had me giggling. There’s plenty of cameos, out and out craziness and snappy dialogue to keep any fan of trashy moves happy.

I really can’t reccomend the film enough, even of it’s only to see Tom Savini go out the way he would have always wanted. Next is finding a copy of Death Proof and seeing how Tarantino’s effort measures up.

My one problem with the Grindhouse series is that I’ve not seen any sign of a boxed set of both films along with the trailers that were originally included when both films were shown together as intended. Allegedly there’s one directed by Rob Zombie, which I really need to see.


UPDATES! Also: Fried Slice

27 03 2008

Huzzah! It’s only 4 days until Script Frenzy 2008 kicks off. After failing spectatcularly at NaNoWriMo last year I figure I should have a crack at writing a screenplay, so enter Fried Slice.

This is an idea me and Ralph came up with in the pub a yonk (standard British measurement of a period of time relating to things said/done in pubs longer than one month hence) ago. In precis, it’s about a Gulf War veteran who returns to the UK and sets up a greasy spoon cafe in Skegness. He is cruelly betrayed by his daughter in cahoots with a Korean DDR champion who wants to build a gym on his land. Unfortunately his murder does not go as planned as exposure to depleted uranium has made him near unkillable, so horribly disfigured and missing a hand Fried Egg Man takes his revenge on the society that wronged him using various kitchen implements and wearing a face mask made of two fried eggs.

It practically writes iself! Anyway, I’m not allowed to put digital pen to paper until April 1st, so I’ve got until then to get my ideas down. If you play your cards right, I might post some stuff about my progress. Thankfully the whole idea of Script Frenzy is to write a draft of 100 pages within April, so maybe this whole slipshod idea might get further than the musings of drunken fools. Then again…


17 10 2007

I’ve just noticed that Copper is updating again!

If you’ve never read Copper before, go do so now. I vow to thee; thou shall know no disappointment. The webcomic is written by Kazu Kibuishi, one of a number of contributers to the fantastic Flight books, and if you’ve never read a Flight book, you’ve never lived.

Ender’s Game

16 10 2007

I’ve just finished reading Speaker for the Dead, the second novel in a quartet of books written by Orson Scott Card and I can’t recommend the book enough.

One thing keeps bugging me though. Through the two books of his I’ve read there are ongoing messages about truthfulness, honesty and the potential of humanity, but reading his Wikipedia page I cane upon the following paragraph:

He believes homosexuality to be a sin, and has called same-sex marriage a “potentially devastating social experiment.” In his essay “The Hypocrites of Homosexuality” he advocates laws against homosexual sex, “not to put homosexuals in jail,” but to encourage gay men and women to have sex only in secret “so as not to shake the confidence of the community in the polity’s ability to provide rules.” In the same essay, he claims to have a number of homosexuals as “dear friends” and speaks out against the use of “ugly words like faggot.” Homoeroticism is a main theme of his book Songmaster.

I wasn’t sure if this was just Wikipedia vandalism, but I followed links to other sites mentioning this. I guess this just shows that he’s a human guy with the same seemingly bizarre ideas we all entertain, but I just found it hard to reconcile the statements that he makes with the picture I’d built up of the author.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that I’m not sure about the next in the series, thanks in part to this XKCD comic. Curse you again Randall Munroe!

New Futurama

19 08 2007

Just because I can’t be bothered to post anything but Youtube videos recently. But still – Woot!.

Street Fighter Salsa

15 08 2007

Those crazy Koreans, eh? We can only hope Capcom take note and produce a beautifully animated, HD Street Fighter dance-’em-up. Put it on the Wii, and you’ve got a sure fire hit.

More simple things

6 08 2007

Well, I’ve spent all day thinking about posting an entry, so here it is. Yup, I’m that stuck for ideas.