Sloops of War

31 07 2007

Sloops of War is an open source game project me and my friend Mat Booth are working on.

Basically, the premise is a turn based naval combat game with a focus on strategy; not on tank rushes, base building or improbable comebacks. We want to recreate the tactical feel of Advance Wars where you know the outcome of encounters, but remove the troop building aspects that (for me) bogged the game down.

We’re developing for 32-bit Windows and Linux, and thus far have a very nice blue OpenGL screen. We’re still in the documentation phase, and should have a final proposal document finished soon. This will allow us to begin a functional specification; the meat of a design document. If you have any ideas to contribute, or want to sign up to the development mailing lists, hit the Sloops of War Trac page for more info.

We’ll be starting up a Dev blog on the page shortly, so if you’re remotely interested in Open Source games, keep your eyes peeled.


OS Switch Imminent

17 04 2007

The new version of Ubunutu is due out in 2 days now, and I for one plan to install it.
I’ve been using Vista for the past month, and it’s really not floating my boat. Sure it’s pretty but I can’t help feeling that the new Start Menu makes things harder to find, the admin rights alert is just asinine (since everbyody still creates apps that expect admin rights), and who really uses widgets?
I’m hoping that Compiz is nice and easy to install on Ubuntu. There was a nice walkthough for Fedora Core 6, and I found it to be a big leap over Beryl. On the subject of distro’s, I seem to be yo-yoing between FC and Ubuntu. I think the only reason I keep going back to Fedora is the default theme on Ubuntu. Fickle I know, but Fedora Core just looks so much tighter.
Functionality wise, i’d take apt over yum any day; plus Canonical seem to look after their repoistories a little more, to my mind.