Wii VC titles on the way

10 01 2007

Hooray for Europe!

Lots of titles announced for the VC today by Nintendo Europe. Among them are some stalwart classics that have my waters all a-tremble. A list comprising of Super Probotector, Ocarina of Time, Street Fighter 2: World Warrior and (at last) Super Mario World. I seem to remember reading about Gradius being released too, but I can’t find a link for that anymore.

Also mentioned in the release is gaining stars whenever you spend on the VC, and the possibility of trading in stars for Wii Points. Up until now the stars catalogue has been pretty irrelevant, offering only wallpapers and the occasional game that’s usually snapped up as soon as it’s posted. Allowing users to cash in stars is a great idea, especially for the gaming whores amongst us. #Cough#