Street Fighter Salsa

15 08 2007

Those crazy Koreans, eh? We can only hope Capcom take note and produce a beautifully animated, HD Street Fighter dance-’em-up. Put it on the Wii, and you’ve got a sure fire hit.


Gilbert & Sullivan & Mix-a-lot

27 04 2007

This may be the most awesome thing on YouTube, ever. Seriously!

Who doesn’t love the timeless (if slightly campy) artistry of the fine musical writer Sir Mix-a-lot, and to couple his genius with the one-hit-wonder balls-out posturing of Gilbert and Sullivan is something to be admired. Watch and learn why musicals should make a comeback!

[Via BoingBoing]

They Look Real Cute In A Bucket

28 02 2007

I think every man and his dog cat have linked this, but it’s the most awesome song ever.

Cat Me If You Can by Agile Like This

Sorry for the link, but it looks like I can’t embed YouTube vids 😦