PS3 Price Cuts?

19 04 2007

The Financial Times reckons that Sony are considering a new pricing strategy for the PS3.

Personally I won’t be jumping for a PS3 until they reach the sub £300 mark, I just can’t justify spending more than that on a console.


SCEE Laying Off Staff

16 04 2007

Can’t help but laugh, eh?

Looks like Sony Europe are cutting 10% of their European games employees.  So close to the release of the PS3, you have to wonder whether the console is severely missing it’s targets or if they planned it? My bet is the former, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

Also, looks like their new DVD DRM tech is b0rking up too.

Howto: Effectively Manage Uppity Websites

2 03 2007

This story is really travelling the internet, so it’s high time I chucked my penneth’s worth into the ring.

For those too lazy to read the link, Sony is refusing further exclusive press contact to the gaming blog Kotaku, after they ran a rumour story about their plans to release a hybrid Mii/XBL achievements function to the PS3.

What I would really like to know is how Sony still keeps selling products. Their PR is universally worse than just about any manufacturing company out there (except maybe Cillit Bang). Alongside this new steaming pile, they also got called up for spraying graffiti onto non-consenting buildings, the vomit worthy All I Want for Xmas is a PSP fiasco, giving shite reasons for inflating the UK PS3 price and coming up with possibly the worst DRM implementation ever. That’s not even mentioning them backtracking on the ‘next-gen-ness’ of rumble, expecting customers to get a third mortgage to play Gran Turismo HD and trying to convince us that £425 is ‘cheap’.

Well this is it, Sony can go swing for all I care. I like their hardware, but if they keep throwing their weight behind ventures that show nothing but contempt for their consumers, they can take their PS3 and insert it into their proverbial. I can play most of the games on my 360, and if I want to pay extortionate amounts for an HD DVD player which nobody gives a tin shit about, I have the option to; it doesn’t get forced down my throat. It seems strange that I’m rooting for a Microsoft product here. Sure the 360 is slightly louder than my spin-dryer, and forces me to use Windows Media Centre to play videos on it but at least Microsoft don’t act like all gamers are cattle to the inevitable cull.

Console Sales Figures

28 02 2007

Not that I’m bitter but these figues don’t look so good.

I’m not sure of the accuracy and I’m far, far too lazy to go and get some corroborating evidence but this seems like a huge discrepency between the 4 million ‘shipped’ and the amount in consumers hands.

In the most-expensive-thing-i’ve-considered-buying-that-isn’t-a-new-house-or-car stakes, the PS3 is launching in Norway for 5995 Kroner, which equates to a wallet friendly £499 </sarcasm>. Release price for Israel is 4,500 ILS (Israel New Shekels) which is £554, so I guess I should stop complaining about the price of the console, eh?