21 02 2007

I’m bizarrely and feverishly excited by the new Final Fantasy.

Sure X was nothing to shout about and the last JRPG that I finished was FF IX in 2002, but the whole ethos behind the new game excites me. The thing about RPGs for me is the grind, often I find that the game gets in the way of the story; a bit of a strange sentiment, I admit.

Last week I finished Phoenix Wright 2 on the DS, which I loved dearly. I’ll concede that there is very little actual game in there, but the title is attractive in the same way that a comic is. In fact Phoenix Wright is comparable to reading a manga, just in a slightly different format. This is something that Hotel Dusk is attempting somewhat successfully, if my foray into the game is anything to go by.

We’ll see how XII goes, and deal with the inevitable disappointment when I get my paws on it.


Hellgate London dated

9 01 2007

I’ve liked the look of Hellgate London since I first read about it a long while ago. It’s now dated for Summer 2007 in the US (translated: Christmas 2007 UK.) The premise is thus: evil demon things invade London in the future. So far so standard, but bear with it. The game has a sort of future medieval steampunk thing going on which, for my money, is a nice change for an action RPG and there sees to be a good buzz coming from the game via some E3 playtests.

For more details check the official site.