Bitch, Go Buy Me a Hotdog

2 04 2008

This might not be your idea of a good time in EP format, but it sure is mine. Besides it’s free so why not?

From the site:

‘This is a concept album. The concept is that I tell a bitch to go buy me a hot dog, and she does. While she is buying me a hot dog, I wait patiently, and do The Robot. I eat the hot dog and it is delicious.’

Electro/Industrial never tasted so good. Bogart Shwadchuck is some kinda genius. Eris is pleased.

UPDATE: Forgot to add that you NEED to donate if you enjoyed this. If you don’t you may feel depressed. Also your balls will drop off.


Lordi at the Movies

22 05 2007

This could be the best news ever! According to the BBC Lordi is making a film, imaginatively called Dark Floors.
Having (regrettably) never seen Cradle of Fear, and I hope watching this will help atone for my misdeeds. After seeing Lordi live, being forced to put up with small obnoxious children stood next to me, and being the only guy there not wearing a black t-shirt; I can safely say that whatever those guys are in, it’s going to be cinema gold. Hoyes!

Barenaked Ladies

30 04 2007

My eMusic subscription refreshed today, so as well as downloading an Ex-Girl album I’d saved for later, thought I’d have a crack at last year’s Barenaked Ladies are Me after reading this article by one of their members.

The last thing I heard from these guys was One Week, and that was eight or nine years ago. I remember reading that they were releasing an album on MP3 and distributing it on USB thumb drives, which I thought was pretty cool. It also turns out that BNL are anti-DRM too. Why haven’t I been listening to them for longer!

The album is simply great, a cross between my usual vaguely-folkish-alterna-rock and Tom Petty. Apparently the album is a break from their more ‘zany’ previous albums, but there are some comedy tracks (like Bank Job, which you can play from the sidebar on the right, thanks to Sonific) slipped in. Well worth a download, or a hardcopy buy.

Gilbert & Sullivan & Mix-a-lot

27 04 2007

This may be the most awesome thing on YouTube, ever. Seriously!

Who doesn’t love the timeless (if slightly campy) artistry of the fine musical writer Sir Mix-a-lot, and to couple his genius with the one-hit-wonder balls-out posturing of Gilbert and Sullivan is something to be admired. Watch and learn why musicals should make a comeback!

[Via BoingBoing]

EMI Backs Down

3 04 2007

W00t! EMI have agreed to sell songs on iTunes without evil DRM infections!

It’s not all sunshine, lollipos and rainbows though. Songs will sell for an inflated 99p, rather than the 79p they currently go for. For the price hike you do get a increased bitrate AAC file, but it kinda seems like you’re paying for the privilege of buying de-DRMed music (check out eMusic for cheap, legal and awesome MP3 format downloads). I suppose such measures were necessary to pitch the idea to EMI, and if nothing else the move is a huge chink in DRM’s armour.

In your author’s humble opinion, I think this is the first battle that the anti-DRM movement has won. Now we need to press the advantage and turn the war in our favour!

UPDATE: Reuters reports that the EU Executive have filed charges to Apple, the Big Four (EMI, Warner, Universal and Sony BMG) and Vivendi stating that theirĀ  policy of forcing iTunes users to buy songs only in their home country is against European competition laws. Whether this will stick or not remains to be seen, but just possibly I might be able to download some Jpop from iTunes.

Anamanaguchi Barred from Entry

15 03 2007

This is a bit of a follow-up to last weeks post about fingerprinting the UK’s kids.

This week Destructoid reports that indie band Anamanaguchi (who make music with a NES sound chip) were denied entry to the UK on the grounds that they would pose a threat to the domestic workforce

Err, wah?

It’s a bit of a shame, since we were planning (well, half planning) to go and see them. Boo to immigration control!
[Via Destructoid]

No Guitar Hero Wireless

14 03 2007

Whilst shopping for a copy of GTA in order to exploit (read: actually use) my PSP I got chatting the bloke in Gamestation who told me with all certainty that the rep who had been in that very day had informed him that wireless controllers for the upcoming GHII on Xbox 360 would not be financially viable. Hence all my dreams of powersliding and such have been shot up in smoke.

This is borne out by reports here and here, and apparently there are talks with a third party manufacturer, but I’m so disappointed I could cry.

UPDATE: I wrote this on Monday, I’ve no idea why this didn’t go out as it should have šŸ˜¦