Getting Into the Swing

1 11 2006

I think everybody must have a post like this right at the start of their blog. You know, the one where they don’t really know what to say but feel like they should write something? Well that’s this post.

Just to set the record straight, I’m a 25 year old IT professional working in the tangled mess that is the UK’s local government. I was forced to pass the MCDST this year, but now all that’s over with I’m working towards A+ certification. I also have a degree in Games Computing specializing in Software Development, so I’m not entirely un-technical.

Basically I just want a place to blather on about stuff hat interests me. Hopefully some other guys out there in the blogosphere might find it useful. Here’s to hoping!

I’ll keep adding links to the blogroll as I can. The thought of sitting and typing in links for an hour is a little bewildering. If you have any sites you think I might enjoy, feel free to let me know!