New Futurama

19 08 2007

Just because I can’t be bothered to post anything but Youtube videos recently. But still – Woot!.


Popeye vs. Anime

1 08 2007

This is just awesome. Popeye has been a staple favourite cartoon character of mine for a long time, and seeing him freak out over ‘staple’ animé weirdness is fantastic.

More NSFW cartoons

8 02 2007

To stay on theme, I’ve just found the funniest manga page ever.

Is this comedy? 😀

Check out the rest of Clone Manga for more awesome strips. There is some high quality stuff on there, not just peurile (read: fun) comedy.

More Zelda Videos

2 02 2007

Okay, I couldn’t resist these.

Described as ‘The two greatest game endings ever produced’, it makes you realise why Nintendo is so protective of their IP now.

‘I Won!’ <vomit>

[Via  Destructoid]

Tentacle porn – NSFW!

22 01 2007

I had no idea tentacle porn existed before cunning animators figured out that being penetrated by a tentacle got past the censors, whilst a good old fashioned cock didn’t.

Apparently it’s been around since about 1820, beleive it or not. Also it gives me a chance to plug Sexy Losers, a really NSFW strip about hentai. Read it, it is awesome.

‘Classic’ Zelda cartoons

21 01 2007

Just found these links to the old-school Zelda series. You know, the ‘Ecuuuse me princess’ ones. The ones that make you cry every time you watch them, since you used to believe they were so good.

They’re the ones.

Now I’m off to find episodes of Captain N: The Game Master.

[Via Joystiq]

Edit: Forgot to mention; Zelda is a harlot.