News from the Front

21 08 2008

Overheard today:

Ah only fookin thought I fookin weighed seven bastard stone


Today on Freecycle

18 08 2008

The sublime:


and the ridiculous:

hi all i have a pc and deck to give away so if any one wonts it let me
no and it all must go to gever thanks

Street Fighter Salsa

15 08 2007

Those crazy Koreans, eh? We can only hope Capcom take note and produce a beautifully animated, HD Street Fighter dance-’em-up. Put it on the Wii, and you’ve got a sure fire hit.

More simple things

6 08 2007

Well, I’ve spent all day thinking about posting an entry, so here it is. Yup, I’m that stuck for ideas.

Popeye vs. Anime

1 08 2007

This is just awesome. Popeye has been a staple favourite cartoon character of mine for a long time, and seeing him freak out over ‘staple’ animé weirdness is fantastic.

Look Around You

21 05 2007

I was a little disappointed when perennial student favourite, Look Around You came back for a second series. Rather than aping the science programmes your teachers made you watch at primary school, it tried to take on a format similar to Tomorrows World.
This video (Via Kotaku via Insert Credit via Frank) looks at the future of computers, and shows kids today how a 70s computer game shop was like back in the day. Ahh the memories! If only I was alive in the 70s, and owned a computer before 1990, sigh.

I’m Popular!

1 05 2007

But not in any way that counts. Just noticed this while checking my dashboard; knew I shouldn’t have done that post on tentacles, gah!

Tentacle Search