EMI Backs Down

3 04 2007

W00t! EMI have agreed to sell songs on iTunes without evil DRM infections!

It’s not all sunshine, lollipos and rainbows though. Songs will sell for an inflated 99p, rather than the 79p they currently go for. For the price hike you do get a increased bitrate AAC file, but it kinda seems like you’re paying for the privilege of buying de-DRMed music (check out eMusic for cheap, legal and awesome MP3 format downloads). I suppose such measures were necessary to pitch the idea to EMI, and if nothing else the move is a huge chink in DRM’s armour.

In your author’s humble opinion, I think this is the first battle that the anti-DRM movement has won. Now we need to press the advantage and turn the war in our favour!

UPDATE: Reuters reports that the EU Executive have filed charges to Apple, the Big Four (EMI, Warner, Universal and Sony BMG) and Vivendi stating that theirĀ  policy of forcing iTunes users to buy songs only in their home country is against European competition laws. Whether this will stick or not remains to be seen, but just possibly I might be able to download some Jpop from iTunes.


DRM Petition Update

20 02 2007

The response to my petition to ban DRM came through yesterday. It’s hardly a glowing endorsement of the Anti-DRM movement, but does at least state that the government will allow some exceptions to IP laws when it comes to format shifting. The question is though; will it be legal to break DRM methods for the purposes of moving media to different formats?

My guess is no. I guess until more pressure is applied to those applying the DRM to their product, the practice is going to continue.

I’ve been enjoying the amount of coverage that the DRM backlash has been garnering over the past few weeks, with even Steve Jobs getting behind us (Asine9 even got a mention on ZDNet news; scary!). Still, any movement on the fight to do away with DRM is good despite some music companies burying their heads in the sand.

iPhone announced, so sexy!

9 01 2007

Steve Jobs has officially announced the iPhone in his keynote speech at Macworld today.

Introducing it as three products in one, an iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator, Jobs goes on to explain that it will feature only one button and have some sort of software to compensate for using giant stubby fingers on the screen. That’s right, no stylus.

Apparently the phone will be running OS X, probably in some cut down form and it looks pretty darn sexy. The widescreen video playback and a 2 megapixel camera are just further icing on the cake.

I can’t resist this, it’s just far too sexy. I own the Motorola Razr with iTunes and I’ve found I use it for music a hell of a lot more than I suspected I would. Having an interface designed by Apple really seals the deal for me.

[Via Engadget]