30 04 2008

Still experimenting with my Unlimited card, I’ve been off to see Happy-Go-Lucky tonight. Having never seen a Mike Leigh film before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this movie. I’ve heard that his previous films have been darker and more rebellious than his latest offering which may have left some out in the dark, however from my position this film stands out as a piece of great realist cinema.

Relying on the actors to flesh out the characters, as Leigh has done here, really allows some well developed personalities to show through. Particular kudos needs to go to Sally Hawkins as the main character, someone who undergoes one of the most believable character development’s I’ve seen, and also to Eddie Marsan who has managed to create a believable yet terrifyingly off-base driving instructor.

At times I felt conscious that scenes went on a bit too long, sometimes verging on voyeurism and I was hoping for a climactic scene for one of the main characters, but on reflection that seems to add to the odd style of uncensored cinema that Leigh creates.

Enjoyable yet slightly hard work, Happy-Go-Lucky should be watched by everyone, save possibly your summer blockbuster acquaintances.




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