New Futurama

19 08 2007

Just because I can’t be bothered to post anything but Youtube videos recently. But still – Woot!.


Street Fighter Salsa

15 08 2007

Those crazy Koreans, eh? We can only hope Capcom take note and produce a beautifully animated, HD Street Fighter dance-’em-up. Put it on the Wii, and you’ve got a sure fire hit.

More simple things

6 08 2007

Well, I’ve spent all day thinking about posting an entry, so here it is. Yup, I’m that stuck for ideas.

Popeye vs. Anime

1 08 2007

This is just awesome. Popeye has been a staple favourite cartoon character of mine for a long time, and seeing him freak out over ‘staple’ animé weirdness is fantastic.