Save Us from Peter Molyneux

30 05 2007

Has anyone else seen part one of the Fable 2 developer diary on Live? In some respects it’s great, but in others it’s terrible horrible news.
On the upside, it’s a great laugh to see ‘ol PM (I saw him at ECTS one year, you know) with the wank hat firmly pulled down around his ears. The bit where he enthuses about not having control of the dog is especially entertaining; did he not play Black and White?
Sadly the video also gives me the willies about the fate of Fable 2.
I have no trepidation saying that I adored Fable, it was a great RPG and had simplicity. From watching the video I get the feeling that Lionhead is trying to overcomplicate things, yes creating emotional attachment is one thing but in a hack-and-slash game? I’m not sold.
I pray for the day when when I can actually have some sort of empathy for a game character, but taking dates out for a walk and having an annoying AI dog follow me around are not advances in interactive emotion. They’re extraneous rubbish that will detract from what Fable set out before.
What I’m trying to say is that I want Fable 2, not Faux-Medieval Life Simulator 1.




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