26 04 2007

Went to see the new Danny Boyle film last night; Sunshine.

I have to say, I’m a little disappointed, but not that shocked. Mr. Boyle has consistently directed some sterling films, unfortunately I haven’t really enjoyed any of them. They’re all artistically stunning, and a film student’s dream, I’m sure; but something about them just doesn’t appeal to my anime/b-movie/world cinema/slasher film lust.

For example, 28 Days Later had it’s share of zombies, but it broke the zombie formula. As far as I’m concerned zombies are a representation of death; slow and manageable, but inevitably unstoppable in their task to destroy. 28 Days Later broke that mould, to the extent where I wouldn’t really call it’s inhuman protagonists ‘zombies’ at all.

Sunshine will work for some people: those with no scientific knowledge. Not to play the geek here, but the science in this film really detracted from being able to watch without having an urge to throw popcorn. In a fantastical setting, I really wouldn’t have minded, but to have the gravity ‘turn on’ when the air comes on is a cliché that we really should have got past by now. The whole near-future setting, although initially believable descends into complete randomness near the end. Some may argue that this reflects the shattered mental state of the protagonists nearer then climax, but for me it just seemed like the film needed an ending.

In all, if you like to see a triumph of the human spirit over adversity, but don’t mind ignoring simple physical laws; go see this film. If you get annoyed when science is misappropriated in movies, skip it.

To think, I missed the second half of Scream 2 to write this!




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