Virginia Tech

19 04 2007

I only caught the last part of the news about the shootings as I came in. At that time there were a suspected 20 casualties, a figure which has now been raised to 32; including the shooter. It looks like the inevitable popular entertainment backlash is already gearing up.

I’m quite astonished at this. I remember when the Columbine shootings were going on, there was a huge (justifiable) uproar. This recent event seems to be an order of magnitude more horrific.

What’s possibly just as sickening to me, is how quickly Mr Jack Thompson, attorney at law, has jumped on this. Smacktard.

This has to be a truly disgusting event for anyone involved in it, and those close to it. All we can do for the time being is offer our condolences, wait for the details, and fend off the backlash.

Kotaku have posted a video of Jack actually being tasked to defend himself, on public TV no less! I’ve not watched it yet, but I’ll have a go as soon as I can.




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