You Don’t Know Jack

20 03 2007

I remember, way back in the distant past of my A Levels, when all I would do is play Magic and bugger around with the schools lighting rig; drinking black coffee and eating Wheat Crunchies. Such times they were, an innocent time: a better time.

In between listening to Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson (they were still cool then), I played computer games. Of course back then they’d just invented 3D cards that you didn’t have to plug your regular old 2D one though. Back on topic; Ralph gave me a freebie copy of You Don’t Know Jack, kind of a PC quiz game. I played it so much I could remember all the questions, as well as all the interstitial chatting.

I’m absolutely thrilled with the news that YDKJ now posts free quizzes online. I’m so excited it put me off my game and I scored -$24,411 Hooray for me!




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