Fingerprint Your Kids: Better Safe Than Sorry

5 03 2007

The Beeb reports that everybody’s favourite government (the UK’s for those not paying attention) is planning to fingerprint children for passports.
What’s next, numbers tatooed into our forearms? Mayhap I’m over reacting, but having a fingerprint database of children just seems all kinds of wrong. They justfy keeping our biometrics for ID cards to ‘prevent terrorism’, so what’s their excuse for kids?
I would really like to know what Labour’s long term plan is. I figure under the skin RFID tags and readers in every lamp post, they already want to tag our cars. Seriously, what is the real reason for all this terrorist scapegoating and sneaking in surveillance measures?




2 responses

5 03 2007
Reverend Dooth

Some bastard went and shipped the world’s supply of common sense to Canada.

15 03 2007
Anamanaguchi Barred from Entry « A sine 9

[…] Anamanaguchi Barred from Entry 15 03 2007 This is a bit of a follow-up to last weeks post about fingerprinting the UK’s kids. […]

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