TV is Safe Again

28 02 2007

Good news friends, I’m not going to be on TV after all.

Click, the BBC’s technology show approached me today about an interview for an upcoming show on DRM. Sadly I live in the provincial rain-soaked midlands and can’t get to London to make the interview. Despite the lack of my shining presence, they’ve promised to feature my petition and the Defective by Design (DBD) site in the feature which will apparently present views from both the pro and anti camps.

It’s a shame as I would have liked to get the DBD message out in person, and I have to mention that Peter Brown from the Free Software Foundation was there to back me up if I did get on. Big thanks guys!
Guess I’ll just have to keep putting up anti-DRM posters at work and bitching under my breath. It’s probably a good thing anyway, I don’t think I have an offensive enough T-shirt for the occasion.




2 responses

28 02 2007
Reverend Dooth

Woah, that is the very top of cool. You so should have taken the day off to go down there.

28 02 2007

Apparently I would have been asked at short notice, since schedules are flexible. There’s no way I could have 3 days off (since I spent all my leave) for the Mon to Weds avaialability they wanted.

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