Murderer’s Parent Speaks Out

22 02 2007

If you read one web article today, read this.

Back on the 19th Penny Arcade’s Gabe posted a comment about parent’s taking responsiblity for the development of their children. Written in PA’s usual tounge in cheek style, it was entertaining to read the gamer’s take on the recent killing of a homeless man, by three teenagers no less. What really makes this worth reading is the reply Gabe got by a person describing themselves as one of the children’s step-parents.

It’s an insightful article that higlights that kids problems just can’t be attributed to a single cause. I work in the Social Services department of a county council, and although I have no direct contact with our service users the stories that I come across as part of my job are sometimes horrifying.

I feel that these kids have been failed. I don’t think that anyone is born broken, but somewhere a bunch of things have gone wrong. Blaming any single cause is asinine and patronising to those involved, realising that these kids need more than just councelling is essential. What is required is a ratified and sensible system for removing them from society and fixing their problems, not just locking them up.




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