Tentacle porn – NSFW!

22 01 2007

I had no idea tentacle porn existed before cunning animators figured out that being penetrated by a tentacle got past the censors, whilst a good old fashioned cock didn’t.

Apparently it’s been around since about 1820, beleive it or not. Also it gives me a chance to plug Sexy Losers, a really NSFW strip about hentai. Read it, it is awesome.


What they didn’t tell you about Star Wars

22 01 2007

Alternative title: George Lucas is crap.

Here’s an awesome site presenting what could be the truth about the original three films, as revealed by the new prequels. Seriously, it’s a really good read!

‘Classic’ Zelda cartoons

21 01 2007

Just found these links to the old-school Zelda series. You know, the ‘Ecuuuse me princess’ ones. The ones that make you cry every time you watch them, since you used to believe they were so good.

They’re the ones.

Now I’m off to find episodes of Captain N: The Game Master.

[Via Joystiq]

Edit: Forgot to mention; Zelda is a harlot.

Goodbye Robert

12 01 2007

Sadly Robert Anton Wilson passed away yesterday at 4:50am.

Bob was a hero to all of us, and I certainly wouldn’t have my brain wired up this way if it wasn’t for him.

Hail Eris! All hail Discordia!

Shoehorning: or why nobody uses Maya for spreadsheets

10 01 2007

I like my job. I get to do plenty of different things and learn a lot while I do. Sometimes my work is unused and lies dormant, sometimes it’s mission critical. Sometimes I feel like I’m being counter-productive.

I’m currently working on adapting an application to perform a task it was not intended to do. I can’t modify the program, as it’s closed source. While it may be possible to change it’s function, it isn’t easy and more than likely won’t yield very good results. In a perfect world I’d grab the source code and mod it myself, but I haven’t got the option this time.

Lets take for example an application designed to send an email, so your user interface has a button marked ‘Send Email’. An untrained user can rev up your app and know instantly what that button does. Now lets assume that you need this app to instead send a net message, you plug in a new DLL and it now does net sends. That’s great, but that big button still says ‘Send Email’. You see the problem?

I don’t have an issue with getting more value out of a product, but to use it out of context is just confusing for users. It’s much better to use a less specialised application with a customizable interface, than one with the required functionality but the incorrect UI.

Wii VC titles on the way

10 01 2007

Hooray for Europe!

Lots of titles announced for the VC today by Nintendo Europe. Among them are some stalwart classics that have my waters all a-tremble. A list comprising of Super Probotector, Ocarina of Time, Street Fighter 2: World Warrior and (at last) Super Mario World. I seem to remember reading about Gradius being released too, but I can’t find a link for that anymore.

Also mentioned in the release is gaining stars whenever you spend on the VC, and the possibility of trading in stars for Wii Points. Up until now the stars catalogue has been pretty irrelevant, offering only wallpapers and the occasional game that’s usually snapped up as soon as it’s posted. Allowing users to cash in stars is a great idea, especially for the gaming whores amongst us. #Cough#

iPhone announced, so sexy!

9 01 2007

Steve Jobs has officially announced the iPhone in his keynote speech at Macworld today.

Introducing it as three products in one, an iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator, Jobs goes on to explain that it will feature only one button and have some sort of software to compensate for using giant stubby fingers on the screen. That’s right, no stylus.

Apparently the phone will be running OS X, probably in some cut down form and it looks pretty darn sexy. The widescreen video playback and a 2 megapixel camera are just further icing on the cake.

I can’t resist this, it’s just far too sexy. I own the Motorola Razr with iTunes and I’ve found I use it for music a hell of a lot more than I suspected I would. Having an interface designed by Apple really seals the deal for me.

[Via Engadget]